Pre Planning a Funeral

Giving a little thought towards pre-planning your funeral can greatly help your family during one of the most difficult times. Not only does pre-planning your funeral give you peace of mind. It also gives you the personal choice of your funeral.

A personalized funeral is a meaningful funeral;

one that is a tribute to the life that’s been lived. Ask yourself:

  • Will my requests allow my family to grieve in a normal and healthy manner?

  • Do my family members understand my requests and feelings?

  • Would I be able to do the same thing for them, which I have asked for myself?

  • Such planning is the first step in accepting that death is a natural part of life.




There are two types of pre-planned funerals:


As a way of saving yourself from the rising prices inside the funeral industry, you can now pre arrange your funeral and pay for it TODAY. Then, down the track when the funeral is needed, the finances will take care of themselves. You won't have to pay the difference between the price now and the price then, potentially saving you thousands!


A non-funded pre-planned funeral simply involves our staff coming out to meet you and organizing everything that you would like for your funeral. This information is then stored in your own personal profile folder on our premises until it is needed.


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