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Mt. Thompson Memorial Gardens abounds with lovely gardens with plenty of trees and flowers to complement our historic art deco West Chapel and tranquil modern East Chapel.

Funeral webcasting is available at both our chapels where the funeral service is live streamed and recorded for family members and friends to be part of the service if they are unable to attend in person.

Mt. Thompson Memorial Garden’s heritage-listed West Chapel was constructed in 1934 along with the other main buildings. 

The West Chapel's features include walls lined to a height of seven feet in black and dove grey Queensland marble, and floor designed in Terrazzo with marble surrounds.

Architect Adrian Pooley won an award for his contemporary design of the majestic Mt. Thompson Memorial Gardens’ East Chapel. Avant-garde architect Dr Karl Langer – who was cremated at Mt. Thompson Memorial Gardens after his death in 1969 – conceived the attached enclave and courtyard.

The recent refurbishment not only reinvigorated Pooley’s vision, but the sleek, modern appearance of the East Chapel contrasts distinctly with the art deco West Chapel.

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