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An Intimate Goodbye

As funeral directors, it is our job to create the best farewell experience possible for families who have lost loved ones. Funerals are not "one size fits all". We take our time to get to know families and understand what their loved one's stood for and what they still mean to those left behind. In doing this, we are then able to offer a personalised experience that assists families with closure and offers brief moments of contentment amongst the chaos of loss. 

Chapel and Church services are common place when it comes to funerals. Often, families feel compelled to organise a chapel service when something much smaller would have been more appropriate for their circumstances. However, the same family may feel a Direct Cremation isn't suitable either. In this scenario, an Intimate Goodbye service may be suitable.

What is an Intimate Goodbye Service?

First, family arrive at our funeral home. They are then ushered through to a private lounge area where their loved one is resting peacefully in a coffin chosen by family. The funeral directors will make sure you are settled in and have everything you need before leaving family to say their own personal goodbyes to their loved one. 

During this time, the coffin lid can be open or closed. It's completely up to the family. The lounge area is also divided into two areas: a sitting area with table and chairs and the lounge area where the coffin is situated next to a couple of cosy arm chairs. This means that some family members who may not feel comfortable entering the room with the coffin can choose to remain in the first room and converse with other family members there.

Most client families will choose to forgo the inclusion of a minister or celebrant for these services. However, the option is still available to have someone speak some final words of committal before family finalise their time in the lounge. This may be a religious committal performed by a clergy member, or a few closing words of poetry provided by our friendly staff.

This option has been received with positivity and contentment from the families we care for. But, regardless of which service of ours you choose, you can rest easy knowing your loved one is in the best care available. 

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