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Cremation services

Remember, Cherish, Share…

A funeral service that is then followed by a cremation is currently the most popular means of putting your loved ones remains to rest and can happen at several chapels and crematoriums around Brisbane. We can also help you have a service at a private location, even if it is not a church or chapel (i.e. home garden, community halls, etc.) 

Once the funeral service is over, the cremation takes place at a crematorium of the family’s choosing, generally on the same day. After the cremation and certification process is over, the deceased’s ashes will be available to the family. There are many options for finalizing the cremated remains of your loved one. 

Kenton Ross Funerals – Brisbane can assist you with scattering services, urn selection and decanting or the public memorialisation of your loved one.

Cremation Chapel Locations

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