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Memorial services

A memorial service is a formal farewell service without your loved one’s remains and coffin being present. Families may choose this option for a variety of different reasons such as time-based restraints or personal preferences. However, the service is very similar to the content of a funeral service. Instead of a coffin, a memorial service might display one or more photos, candles, flowers, urns or personal trinkets. Despite its progressive nature, a memorial service might just be the perfect way to farewell your loved one. Contact us for more information.

A memorial service may happen as part of scattering ashes or in place of a traditional funeral. It can take place at any venue. Whether it is in a church, chapel, park, jetty, hall or anywhere else our trained staff can assist you in organising a memorial service.  Just like any other service we provide a memorial service can be fully personalised to suit the person it is for.


Our fully trained and professional staff are always there to assist you in making your decisions. All of our Memorial services can be conducted anywhere across Brisbane and further if required.


Everything is personalised and packages are put together to match all budgets and wishes. As a family owned and operated funeral home you can be confident that we will always take time, effort and consideration to individually care for every family.

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