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We believe in being sensitive to our clients’ needs, remembering that the funeral belongs to the family…

…and as such, we aim to provide the most personal and appropriate funeral for each individual that comes into our care. To this end, we encourage families to contribute to their loved ones' service through spoken word, song or however they deem appropriate. This along with our unique personalised memorial books, framed photos, service pamphlets, thankyou cards, bookmarks and memorial pictorial reflections help to make each funeral we conduct extra special. The funeral service then becomes a more meaningful service to all who attend.

We always strive to ease our families and their loved ones through some of the most difficult times in their lives, guiding them when making the necessary choices.

Our Brisbane-based funeral home can help to ensure a fitting and elegant farewell for your loved one. We are available 24 hours a day and can assist at any time.


Kenton Ross Funerals was established in 1987 by Kenton Poole after working in the industry for many years in Mount Isa. Our now Brisbane-based company is built on his hard work and dedication to the families that entrusted their loved-ones to him. Kenton understood that each funeral belonged to the family and was able to offer a more personalised and unique service to the local community because of this philosophy.


After his passing in July 2008, Kenton's company has continued to service the families of Kallangur and Brisbane under the same principle that made it successful in the past: putting families of lost loved-ones first. Now operated by Kenton's son Jason, Kenton Ross Funerals still assists multitudes of local families each year, guiding them through their grief and presenting unique services that honour and commemorate the good people of Brisbane.

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