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On behalf of my team at Kenton Ross Funerals, I would like to advise all our current and future families of what we are doing to prioritise your health and welfare during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Firstly, we are OPEN and intend to stay open to conduct all essential funeral services for families in the greater Brisbane area.  We will continue to provide our caring service and assist families in any way possible during this changing and uncertain time.  We will work openly and liaise with families to achieve the best possible outcomes for the farewell of their loved one.

Please be assured that we are taking all advice and following the guidelines issued by the Australian Government Department of Health and also the Australian Funeral Directors Association.

  1. We have implemented all of their recommended key preventative measures at all our offices.

  2. All staff have been briefed and will adhere to the recommended PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) guidelines at all times.

  3. We recommend visiting to keep up to date with the current information and best practice.

With a family of my own and staff under my care, I am monitoring the changing situation very closely and as a local business, we will react and adapt our services accordingly as the situation with COVID-19 unfolds. Extra steps are now in place to help us provide a clean and sanitised working environment; for both our staff and visiting families who need to make funeral arrangements.  Hand sanitiser is available on entry and we have bathroom facilities for hand washing with disposable towel.  In addition to our regular professional office clean, all our office common areas and arrangement rooms will be sanitised after each family visit.

All staff desks, phones, computer keyboards, tablets, photocopier controls, office and bathroom door handles will be wiped with disinfectant regularly throughout the day. Staff will be monitored closely and if showing any symptoms of Coronavirus, will be asked to leave work, be tested and, if necessary, self-isolate.

In line with the Governments recommendations and to keep everyone as safe as possible, we will offer all clients the following options/advice:

  1. Digital signing of funeral forms/documents via email

  2. Online/Live Streaming options to telecast the funeral service on the day

  3. Hand sanitiser will be provided at the funeral service

  4. Attendees will be restricted to the capacity stated by the venue

  5. We will follow and advise mourners of the social distancing recommendations


Our office line (07) 3285-5155 will continue to operate 24/7 with myself and my staff available to discuss your needs, answer any concerns or questions you may have regarding having a funeral service now or in the near future.

Your sincerely


Jason Poole

Funeral Director / Owner & Managing Director

Kenton Ross Funerals

Field of Flowers



Yes! However, there are some changes. Current restrictions require funeral directors to gather the details of attending individuals. This will be done either manually or using a smart phone application.

At the entry of each chapel/church, funeral directors will also provide complimentary hand-sanitiser and/or antiseptic wipes for guests. Funeral directors will also encourage guests to respect social distancing when choosing their seats inside.


Yes! The main concern for us whilst hosting a viewing, either at a chapel or at our private viewing lounge, is social distancing from other guests. Whilst the deceased won't pose any direct risk of passing the virus to you, the other guests might. To ensure that this won't be a problem, we limit the number of people allowed in the viewing room at any one given time. We also ensure guests use hand sanitiser before and after entering the viewing area to minimize the risk of the virus being passed to the deceased's hands, face, etc. Gloves and face masks are also provided for those who wish to use them.

NOTE: Each venue maintains the right to refuse hosting a viewing at their establishment. If they do allow a viewing to take place, they may ask that additional PPE be used. Kenton Ross Funerals will always respect the wishes of third party venues.


Currently, most of the chapels and cemeteries in and around Brisbane are still operating, but each have a different limit to the amount of guests allowed inside the chapel at any one given time.

Crematorium Chapels

  • Albany Creek Memorial Park Lakeview Chapel

  • Albany Creek Memorial Park Garden Chapel

  • Pinnaroo Crematorium Chapel

  • The Great Northern Garden of Remembrance

  • Mt Thompson Memorial Garden East Chapel

  • Mt Thompson Memorial Garden West Chapel

  • Mt Gravatt Crematorium Chapel

  • Hemmant Crematorium Chapel

  • Centenary Memorial Gardens

The following local cemeteries are currently in operation and allow attendants to be present at a graveside service


  • Albany Creek Memorial Park Cemetery

  • Pinnaroo Cemetery

  • Caboolture Lawn Cemetery

  • Redcliffe Cemetery

  • Lawnton Cemetery

  • Woodford Cemetery

  • Kilcoy Cemetery

  • Mt Gravatt Cemetery

  • Hemmant Cemetery

  • Centenary Memorial Gardens

  • Nudgee Cemetery


Yes! We don't want anyone to miss out on farewelling their loved one due to self-isolation and full guest lists. On request, Kenton Ross Funerals will organise for your loved one's service to be live streamed using Facebook LIVE, Zoom or any other platform you suggest. A tripod-mounted camera will be set up near the podium, allowing online guests to view and hear the service from the comfort of their own home. We can even arrange for guests to be able to download the order of service pamphlet from our website.

Most chapels in the greater Brisbane area also have the facilities available to record the service either to a USB or to a website, allowing families to share the MP4 file online with friends and family later on.


Yes. Burials and cremations have always been allowed during this pandemic.

FOR MORE INFO, CALL US ON (07) 3285 5155

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