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People will die in a number of situations in a number of places and depending on these circumstances what you need to do will vary. This is a brief outline on a few of the situations and explains what to do when someone dies.

What to do when someone dies unexpectedly:

The police will usually attend to the scene when the person has passed away and they will gather the information of the circumstances from you. The deceased will be taken to the nearest government facility pending an investigation by the Coroner, for the greater Brisbane area this is the John Tonge Centre at Mt Gravatt. You may contact your funeral director at anytime who will be able to assist you. You can contact them straight away and you can begin to plan the funeral but the Funeral Director will be in contact with the Coroner to ascertain an appropriate Funeral date. Once the Coroner has finished the investigation of the body, your loved one will be released into the care of your Funeral Director.

What to do when someone dies at home expectedly:

Your first call should be to the Doctor, they will advise you if they are willing to issue a Medical Cause of Death Certificate, if so you may contact the Funeral Director when you are ready and they will come take your loved one into their care and organise a time to see the family to make Funeral arrangements.

What to do when someone dies in a Nursing Home:

Most Nursing Homes and even some Hospitals do not have the facilities to care for your loved one once they have passed away so they will organise for the Funeral Director to take them into their care. The Nursing home will contact the family first, if they are not present, and advise them that their loved one has passed away. They will allow the family some time, if they wish, to come and say goodbye at the Nursing Home. Once the Nursing Home is ready they will contact the Funeral Director to advise them to come and take the person into their care, Funeral arrangements can be made when the family is ready If the Funeral Director has taken someone into their care overnight they will obtain the Next of Kins information from the staff and at Kenton Ross Funerals we will call the family the next morning.

What to do when someone dies in a Hospital:

Hospitals usually have their own Mortuaries to care for people when they have passed away so they contact the family and place the person in their care. The Funeral Arrangement will then generally take place before the person is removed from the hospital so that the family can sign release forms that are required in this case. The Funeral Director will liaise with the Hospital to confirm where certificates are located and when they can come to take your loved one into their care.

Even if a death is expected it is still generally a time of shock for families, it is a hard time when you lose someone you love. If at anytime you are unsure of what should happen or whether you are doing the right thing call us – (07) 3285 5155. We have had years of experience and will always take to time to ease the burden for families in their time of need.