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Our Services

Kenton Ross Funerals offer funeral services all across Brisbane and South East Queensland. It is important to us that funerals are an appropriate tribute to your loved one. There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ funeral and we will help you design and conduct a fully personalised service. At Kenton Ross Funerals we make sure that every family we care for is treated with the utmost care, attention and respect.

We are members of a number of associations that require high standards for membership and frequently monitor our work and facilities. We have our own professional mortuary facility as well as offices with arrangement, reflection and viewing rooms. Our standards of work are extremely high and we will always do whatever we need to cater for every family’s needs.

We believe that the funeral belongs to the family and we are there to facilitate their wishes. As each person is individual in life we will help each funeral be unique for that person. Some people are involved in a church community and choose to have a funeral there. We can use any of the many funeral chapels available across Brisbane for a service conducted by a religious leader, funeral celebrant, family member or friend. You can choose to have a graveside service or even a service in a hall, park, family home or a place that was special.  

Personalised ServicesWe also believe in continuity of care, the director you first deal with will be the same person at the funeral arrangement, the viewing, the funeral and anything after the funeral. This way we get to know you and your family. You do not need to continue to meet more and more new people and we feel this is a better way to care for you.

A successful service for us is one that meets all the family needs and appropriately fits the life of the deceased.