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Repatriation Services

Sometimes a loved one will die here in Australia but family will want them to be transferred somewhere else before a Funeral can happen. Sending a deceased overseas or within Australia is what we can help with. This can be within Australia of Overseas, here at Kenton Ross Funerals we specialise in both.

We can assist families in transferring there loved one from there place of death to their desired location. We work extensivley and repeatedley with other Funeral Homes in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. We can Assist families in getting there loved ones to any location in Australia.

Overseas Repatriations have become our specialty, specifically to New Zealand we have helped many families return loved ones to New Zealand, both North and South Island. We are official members of the NZEA (New Zealand Embalmers Association) and attend many conferences with the FDANZ (Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand). We hold these relationships in high regard and feel it gives us the best experience and up to date knowledge when helping families return to New Zealand.

We are close to the Brisbane International Airport and can assist families with a minimal turn around time.

We have experience in sending loved ones to many other areas of the world, including but not limited to, United Kingdom, Unites States of America, Fiji, Papau New Guinea, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and many others.

We also memberships with the Australian division of the BIE (British Institute of Embalming) and with the AFDA (Australian Funeral Directors Association) and we have studied in Australian, New Zealand, United State of America and Fiji. We always give our family the best service and achieve this by obtaining and maintaining the best information available.

If you are need of sending a loved one who has died to any location across Australia of the World, rest assured one of the kind staff at Kenton Ross Funerals will be there for you. You will receive the best service at an affordable price.

Brisbane Repatriation Services