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Mt Gravatt Cemetery and Crematorium

Mt Gravatt Cemetery and Crematorium is located on Brisbane’s South Side and provides the opportunity for both cremation or burial services within the grounds of a beautiful setting. The Mt Gravatt Cemetery and Crematorium is a Council run facility and has all the modern ammenities you would expect at a cemetery and Crematorium. The Cemetery is a both a  traditional Lawn cemetery and a monumental Cemetery that has been broken up into a number of Portions that are all beautifully landscaped. Specific Sections of the Cemetery cater for different religious faiths and ethnicity.  

A Funeral service can be held in the chapel or at the graveside at the Mt Gravatt Cemetery and Crematorium. There is also the option of after funeral catering all at an affordable cost. Located at Macgregor, just south of Brisbane it is a good central location for funerals for those located in Brisbane.

The Chapel

The chapel seats around 80 and has full air conditioning, audio visual equipment including microphone and facilities to play a DVD or CD, a keyboard and is very comfortable for a funeral service. The adjoining area is available for after funeral catering. A Funeral here can be run by a Minister or a Celebrant, your funeral director will make all bookings and inquiries for you.

When booked for a single Funeral service at The Mt Gravatt Cemetery and Crematorium, total allocated time in the Chapel is one hour, this is typically broken up into the following: arriving 15mins prior to the service approximately 30-35mins for the service and 10-15mins to mingle after the service.

To Book or inquire

Kenton Ross Funerals has been running services here for many years and as such are familiar with all facilities and booking procedures. We can help all those looking for a funeral service at the Mt Gravatt Cemetery and Crematorium.

For a Funeral at Mt Gravatt Cemetery and Crematorium call 1800 855 155


Mount Gravatt Crematorium - Chapel

Mount Gravatt Crematorium – Chapel

Mount Gravatt Crematorium - Chapel Inside

Mount Gravatt Crematorium – Chapel Inside

Mount Gravatt Cemetery

Mount Gravatt Cemetery

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