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Continuity of care

Our primary philosophies have always been that “The Funeral belongs the Family”
and “Every person is unique”. With this in mind, we always ensure the family gets what they want, how they want it. At Kenton Ross Funerals, every funeral we perform is personalised to every individuals needs.

Continuity of care

One thing we also offer to all of our families, that most do not, is continuity of care. The arranger you deal with in the first instance is the person you will see at the viewing, funeral and any other services before or after the funeral. We believe that having one person in charge of your funeral and all dealings surrounding it can ease the stresses of this transitional period. Families do not have to meet and retell their story to other people. This gives our caring arrangers the opportunity to become very familiar with the family and the details of the funeral which eliminates any mistakes that are made through transference of information to others.

The response from families regarding continuity of care has always been positive. We have been told that having the same person at the funeral that they dealt with throughout the entire arrangement process gave them ease of mind. Having to meet a new funeral director on the day of the funeral would be an extra stress for families. It is our aim to reduce as much stress as possible during this time of loss.