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Caboolture Cemetery (King St)

The Caboolture Cemetery is a Cemetery that is operated by the Moreton Bay Regional Council. The Cemetery provides for Re-Opening of Existing Grave, Use of Reseve Graves, Ashes placements and Columbarium Walls. NO new graves are available in this Cemetery at the moment. It is on King Street just out from the Centre of Caboolture and is avaiable for use by those who have a pre-reserve or existing graves.

The Funeral service can happen at any local, church hall or chapel or at the graveside. The Great Northern Garden of Remembrance is located approximately 10 minutes from the Cemetery and is the closest chapel and is available for use prior to a burial.

Graveside Service

Whether a service has taken place at another location prior to coming to the cemetery or not, some form of service typically occurs at the graveside. When using the Caboolture Cemetery the council will provide a small shelter and chairs (usually 6-8 chairs and a 3m x 3m shelter). We can organise additional shelters and/or chairs if required. A lowering device is place over the grave and the coffin set in place, this can be done by the funeral director or by the family. The lowering device is a simple machine that allows the coffin to be lowered with the opening of a lever rather than lowering by hand.

We will provide a sound system for use on the day, with a microphone and the ability to play music at the graveside. Once family members have left the council will fill in the grave.

To book or inquire

Kenton Ross Funerals has been running services here for many years and as such are familiar with all facilities and booking procedures. We can help all those looking for a funeral service at Caboolture Lawn Cemetery.

For a Funeral at Caboolture Cemetery call 1800 855 155

Caboolture Cemetery - King Street

Caboolture Cemetery – King Street